Travel Photography: Creating Your Own Luck

Ok. So you’ve researched the technical side of taking excellent images. You understand your aperture from your exif and you’ve trying out shutter speeds. There is something missing from the pictures you’ve been taking. They’re ok, but that’s it. Just ok. Why? You question. Well, here’s a little secret: it’s all about luck. Well not actually. More to the point, wonderful travel photography is about producing your own luck.


There is an art to being fortunate in travel photography, and it typically involves a great deal of hard work. Study is the trick. Discover all you can about where you are going. Read travel guides, books, newspaper and magazine articles, search the net, watch television programs. Understanding a little about what life resembles in that part of the world can go a long way to obtaining the most out of your time there. How would the citizens react to someone trying to take their picture? Some cultures can be rather angered by having their photo taken. This is especially true of ladies in Islamic countries. At other times, individuals will practically plead you to take their picture. Often, you will be expected to spend for the privilege.

If you are intending to picture populared landmarks, there will be lots of images available in the different media, so that you can get a concept of exactly what it might resemble throughout different times of the day or different periods. This may assist you in your planning. There is nothing quite as valuable in photography as knowing ways to be in the right location at the right time.


Often the shot you desire is just not possible. You may be in a busy city square attempting to photograph a serene monolith basking in the afternoon sun, however being disturbed by a stream of passers by wandering through the frame. Unless you have the ability to stop traffic, you are not getting the shot you came for. This is where you may have to adjust your method. Attempt to capture the feel of the place as it is. If the square is bustling with individuals going about their day, show it. Make your focus the intensity and speed of which life steps within the space. Be creative. Possibly use a bit of activity blur to catch the essence of a city in a hurry. You may likewise be able to return at a quieter time to capture that monolith at peace. Once more this returns to preparation and study. Yes, I’m harping on about that again, but it actually is that important.


The Wider Photo

Doubtless you will arrive at your destination with a desired topic. Maybe the local people, or architecture, or you have actually planned your journey around a particular festival that is happening. Do not restrict yourself to this one patient. Instead of repairing your viewfinder on a subject and keeping it trained, attempt looking around you. Seek out, down, behind you. You will be astonished at just how much more there is to photograph. And how much even more of a sense of time and place you will have the ability to receive your images. Isn’t really that your purpose anyhow?

Great travel photography does need excellent technical abilities. Let’s not kid ourselves about that. More typically than not it’s about being in the right place at the right time and having the awareness to take full advantage of it.